Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Spinach Salad

Last night my husband came home and wasn't feeling well so I made him chicken noodle soup- I'm not a huge fan becuase it has a TON of sodium, so I made myself a spinach salad. It was VERY yummy. If you don't really like regular Oil and Vinegar, you've got to try champagne vinegar, it's a little bit sweeter and 0 that's right, 0 calories! So the whole salad (which was HUGE) was only like 200 calories. 2 cups of spinach is only 20 calories! mmm

I'm a bit tired this AM. I couldn't get to sleep last night :( Watching the Yankees lose was a bit difficult for me to sleep on I guess! I took my Healthy Trim with my 25 calorie OJ and out the door I went. I'm still dragging a little bit this AM, I might take the other Healthy Trim a little early because I need my energy to go up.

How have you all been doing?

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