Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Gym This Past Week....

I'm proud to say that I woke up at 5am for the past week and have gone to the gym each day! It made me a bit hungrier throughout the day (even with the Healthy Trim) But I made sure to eat healthy foods and I can't wait for tomorrow's weigh in!

I'm a bit nervous because I know muscle weighs more than fat- so if I gained any muscle in the fat loss, I might not lose anything-but I know that I went to the gym and I know that I worked hard- so I feel good about it!

How is everyone doing at the gym?

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Good Cheese

Ok, so I heard a rumor that White Cheeses are better than colored (yellow) cheeses. Does anyone know why this might be or have any information on this? I usually have white cheese anyway, but I'd like to know if there is any validity to this! Thanks!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Weigh In.

After weighing in, I've lost three lbs this week:) Eating regularly and more well balanced meals-

How are all of you doing?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

When I gained some weight back...

So the main question from readers has been- what changed when I stopped taking Healthy Trim that I gained weight?

Here are my thoughts, I obviously can't pin point the exact reason, but I thought I should share what I do know:

1. It was the holidays- the fat content in food at that time of year doubles over normal foods!
2. I LOVE holiday food- I couldn't just have one bite (I think that Healthy Trim really could have helped here- if I had felt full, it might have helped a lot!)
3. I wasn't exercising. We spent a lot of time in the car going from one family member's to another. When we got there we were expected to sit and eat, the last thing we wanted to do! Believe it or not I move a lot in my day job, up and walking a lot in the office, so not having that general movement didn't help.
4. I started drinking again. Where I had really cut back on my alcohol consumption on Healthy Trim, I started drinking over the holidays- sweet sugary drinks. (Healthy Trim usually made me feel like I didn't want sugar)
5. I had soda :( I don't plan on having it this year- I want to kick the soda habit for good.
6. Lots of snacking. If we were at a house party, I would snack on little things here and there. Who doesn't have a dish of chocolate on the coffee table? (Another thing I think Healthy Trim could have helped with)

The fact of the matter is, my good eating habits went away- there were no salads available at dinners, just casseroles! There were no grapefruits available for breakfast just bacon and pancakes. I couldn't go to my gym... All in all it was a mess!

But here I am again, admitting a slight defeat, but saying that I am willing to get back on the Healthy Trim and healthy life style!

Thank you all for following- sorry if I disappointed some of you. I'm human, and I have to admit that to myself sometimes!

Up early

I'm up pretty early for a Saturday Morning so I thought I would say hello to all of you!

Had my Healthy Trim with grapefruit this AM and I'm thinking about going for a jog! (The class at the gym yesterday morning was tough on me.)

How is everyone doing this morning? Anyone have any results they'd like to share?

Friday, January 22, 2010

I feel great today!!

I went to the gym this morning and got a great cardio work out to start the day off well!

What's on the menu for today?
-Bowl of Special K
-Special K Bar

-Egg Salad Sandwich (Lowfat Mayo!!)

-Not so sure- perhaps home made spaghetti and meatballs :)

Weigh in on Sunday!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Food to Love:Fajita Salad

I had a really great Fajita salad today. Instead of ranch dressing (which can be really really high in calories- so be careful :) ) I mixed reduced fat sour cream with salsa. It had just enough kick with my chicken and hard boiled egg on my salad.

So what's in it:
-Romaine Lettuce
-Black beans
-Hard boiled eggs
-Salsa/Sour Cream dressing

VERY yummy and not too many calories!

So great and refreshing!

AM Gym Routine

So my husband and I have decided to try out the AM gym routine.

Our gym has great group fitness classes starting at 5:30am each day of the week. We are going to try really hard to get there!

This morning I did the "Active" class, which included a little bit of step, weight lifting and yoga- left there feeling the burn- LOVED it.

But, I did have to eat breakfast because I was really hungry for calories afterwards- It's all good, I had a small bowl of cereal and I was on my way!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

High School Skinny

So Healthy Trim says that you'll "Get High School Skinny." I think there is some merit to that- but I also want to give it some help, so here's a thought.

Think back to when you may have been "High School Skinny" What are habits you remember having? What do you remember eating? How much did you work out?

Here are my answers:

What did I eat:
1. Salads- for lunch and dinner, with lowfat italian dressing or oil and vinegar.
2. Lots of grilled chicken
3. Lots of green veggies
4. Desserts (mainly the cookies from the cafeteria)
5. Grapefruit with sugar on it in the AM

What were my habits:
1. Not eating much in the AM
2. Not snacking much
3. Chewing a lot of gum
4. fitting into MUCH smaller clothes :)

How did I work out?
1. I played sports (soccer, basketball, softball)
2. I would walk, a lot
3. My school had a lot of stairs to walk up during the day :)

So how can I use this info moving forward:
1. Take my 1 Healthy Trim in the AM with a grapefruit (no added sugar)
2. Salads- I'm going to try salads for lunch for the next two weeks!
3. Grilled chicken for dinner with greens, not many starches
4. Gym- My husband and I are starting to go together

I would love for you to share what your habits were in high school. Getting new ideas is always helpful!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Good Morning!

Good Morning Everyone! I'm excited for lunch today. I'm going to have a salad- with O&V rather thana calorie packed Ranch... although I really love Ranch dressing; it's time to retire it for a while.

What has everyone been eating? Any good recipies for healthy yet yummy meals?

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Healthy Trim Results

It's different for everyone. With a new year, I think there might be some new followers, so I thought I would tell you all a little bit more about me, and it might be new to some of the old followers as well.

I am overweight by all health standards. It is evenly distributed, but it still makes me feel terrible about myself. It makes me break down into tears in fitting rooms, and I haven't bought new clothes in I can't remember how long.

Last year I started taking Healthy Trim and found that I was having FABULOUS results. I felt great, and was so happy with how I looked. I was even confident in a dress at one point.

I decided to stop the Healthy Trim to see if I had yet gained the will power to do the rest on my own. I stopped for 2 months and I regret that now- especially over the holidays with all of that yummy food!

Here I am, starting again. I might up the "dosage" for the first few weeks. I want to see major results!

I also love to hear from my readers, it gives me inspiration and can hold people accountable to theirs if they have people cheering them on, like myself- I am wishing the best for all of you as well! I would love feedback from you, what you'd like to hear about, how you're doing, recipes you love, etc.

Good luck to all of you!


So I've been eating it in the Morning before I take my healthy trim. I've always heard that it jump starts your metabolism- anyone have any info to back that up? Also, does anyone have information on the long term effects? My father in law seems to think that it is what causes his bad heart burn now, 20 years after he ate one a day for a year. But... my father in law is a twig...

I know they're high in natural sugar, but I don't necessairly think that it's a bad thing. I also know that they're a great source of dietary fiber. Verdict is still out, but I think I'll keep the grapefruit in the current diet, unless you guys have many words of wisdom for me :)

I will say that I tried doing grapefruit juice instead of solid grape fruit. One morning I had a grapefruit and then had some juice and the juice was WAY too sweet. So I don't think I'm going to drink the juice anymore, unless I make it myself.

Here are some interesting weightloss facts linked to grapefruit.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Where have I been?

I'm human, and as a human I don't always succeed. I don't have superpowers or even a super will at times. I've had some difficulties, they started with Thanksgiving. Ugh, that holiday should be ended, all of my favorite foods in one place? What was I thinking. I shouldn't have let my mom cook- she's got some great casseroles, and I loved every bit of them. In anticipation, I decided not to take Healthy Trim that day. It was all down hill from there. I found that my will was gone.

In the past month and a half I've gained 10 pounds back! Ugh, I'm so disappointed in myself! But, with the new year, there are always resolutions- and mine, to get healthier, not to be out of breath after a few flights of stairs, to eat better foods, and on and on and on.

So what does that mean for the Healthy Trim diet? I'm back on it. I'm not going to let a little bump in the road keep me from my overall goals. Thank you all for the e-mails, the comments, and the support. I needed it. I really appreciate it! For those of you just starting out, know that no diet is absolutely right and the sure fix, you've got to have the will to win as well...

I'm taking a new spin. I'm also going to be adding a few recipes of foods that are low in fat and carbs, high in protein, and that make me feel full faster.

For those of you out there working on a current diet, good luck, stay strong, and let me know what works for you :)

Thank you all for the inspiration!