Monday, October 26, 2009

1 Song Challenge

So I read about this online somewhere, and I thought I would share.

Pick a song on your ipod or a CD and pick a target muscle group. Work out that muscle group to the beat for one song. Don't stop, if you burn, shake or feel weak, just get through it. Then pick another song and go for another target area. Do 3 target areas a day. it's quick, it will burn, but you'll feel good after doing it.

Here are some of the "target areas" and how I exercise them:
Abs: Crunches and leg extensions
Legs: lunges, squats, stairs (I literally go up and down)
Tricepts: I take a large kitchen pot, hold it over my head and then bend my elbows so that it goes behind my head

Share your around the house exercises!


  1. I started on my first bottle this past Saturday, October 24, 2009. This morning I am 2 pounds lighter! Of course I know it is just water weight but it feels great. I want to loose 25 to 30 pounds. Keep up the good work!