Wednesday, January 20, 2010

High School Skinny

So Healthy Trim says that you'll "Get High School Skinny." I think there is some merit to that- but I also want to give it some help, so here's a thought.

Think back to when you may have been "High School Skinny" What are habits you remember having? What do you remember eating? How much did you work out?

Here are my answers:

What did I eat:
1. Salads- for lunch and dinner, with lowfat italian dressing or oil and vinegar.
2. Lots of grilled chicken
3. Lots of green veggies
4. Desserts (mainly the cookies from the cafeteria)
5. Grapefruit with sugar on it in the AM

What were my habits:
1. Not eating much in the AM
2. Not snacking much
3. Chewing a lot of gum
4. fitting into MUCH smaller clothes :)

How did I work out?
1. I played sports (soccer, basketball, softball)
2. I would walk, a lot
3. My school had a lot of stairs to walk up during the day :)

So how can I use this info moving forward:
1. Take my 1 Healthy Trim in the AM with a grapefruit (no added sugar)
2. Salads- I'm going to try salads for lunch for the next two weeks!
3. Grilled chicken for dinner with greens, not many starches
4. Gym- My husband and I are starting to go together

I would love for you to share what your habits were in high school. Getting new ideas is always helpful!


  1. My habits weren't great, but I was extremely active in cheer leading and gymnastics. I have been on healthy trim for 3 weeks and lost 6 lbs. I bought another month supply trying to be patient. My fear is I will have to be on it forever. While you were off of it did you eating habits change is that why you gained back or were you eating the same?

  2. Thanks for sharing! I'm glad that you have lost some weight- what is your total weight loss goal?

    I'm actually about to do a post on why I felt like I gained some weight back- so check that out!