Saturday, January 23, 2010

When I gained some weight back...

So the main question from readers has been- what changed when I stopped taking Healthy Trim that I gained weight?

Here are my thoughts, I obviously can't pin point the exact reason, but I thought I should share what I do know:

1. It was the holidays- the fat content in food at that time of year doubles over normal foods!
2. I LOVE holiday food- I couldn't just have one bite (I think that Healthy Trim really could have helped here- if I had felt full, it might have helped a lot!)
3. I wasn't exercising. We spent a lot of time in the car going from one family member's to another. When we got there we were expected to sit and eat, the last thing we wanted to do! Believe it or not I move a lot in my day job, up and walking a lot in the office, so not having that general movement didn't help.
4. I started drinking again. Where I had really cut back on my alcohol consumption on Healthy Trim, I started drinking over the holidays- sweet sugary drinks. (Healthy Trim usually made me feel like I didn't want sugar)
5. I had soda :( I don't plan on having it this year- I want to kick the soda habit for good.
6. Lots of snacking. If we were at a house party, I would snack on little things here and there. Who doesn't have a dish of chocolate on the coffee table? (Another thing I think Healthy Trim could have helped with)

The fact of the matter is, my good eating habits went away- there were no salads available at dinners, just casseroles! There were no grapefruits available for breakfast just bacon and pancakes. I couldn't go to my gym... All in all it was a mess!

But here I am again, admitting a slight defeat, but saying that I am willing to get back on the Healthy Trim and healthy life style!

Thank you all for following- sorry if I disappointed some of you. I'm human, and I have to admit that to myself sometimes!


  1. I appreciate your honesty.

  2. I'm wandering if perhaps now you still think you gained weight because of not taking the pill...? i'm intereted in buying it... but i haven't heard a review that really says "go get it".... what are the ingridients? thnx and good luck ! BTW- i did the same Holiday eating mistake and need to get back on track. i hear the show all the time, but just don't want to waste my money!

  3. Hi Mozy,

    I don't think the weight gain was because of not taking it- I think it was not policing myself well. I think that if I had stayed on the HealthyTrim through the holidays it would have helped.

    If you look back a few posts, you'll see one where I posted all of the ingredients.