Thursday, January 14, 2010


So I've been eating it in the Morning before I take my healthy trim. I've always heard that it jump starts your metabolism- anyone have any info to back that up? Also, does anyone have information on the long term effects? My father in law seems to think that it is what causes his bad heart burn now, 20 years after he ate one a day for a year. But... my father in law is a twig...

I know they're high in natural sugar, but I don't necessairly think that it's a bad thing. I also know that they're a great source of dietary fiber. Verdict is still out, but I think I'll keep the grapefruit in the current diet, unless you guys have many words of wisdom for me :)

I will say that I tried doing grapefruit juice instead of solid grape fruit. One morning I had a grapefruit and then had some juice and the juice was WAY too sweet. So I don't think I'm going to drink the juice anymore, unless I make it myself.

Here are some interesting weightloss facts linked to grapefruit.

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