Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Basic Plan

So what's the basic idea here? It's to weigh a lot less by next Summer. I'm realistic and don't expect to lose all the weight I want to lose in no time flat. I'll try to be patient!

Here are the short term and long term goals:
1. Get Healthy Trim in the mail tomorrow morning
2. Begin taking healthy trim on Friday (7/10/09)
3. Lose 15lbs in first month (Do you think it's realistic?)
4. Lose 50lbs by Christmas
5. Maintain weight over Christmas Break (mmm cookies)
6. Lose another 20lbs by next summer.

Current Weight: 238lbs (Oh my!)
Target Weight: 150lbs (88lbs later!)

Helpers along the way:Healthy Trim, Gold's Gym, nutritionist online, and a supportive husband!

Wish me luck!!!!

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