Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What's my Story?

To give a little background about me. I was once a size 6 sophomore in High school, just under 140lbs. I thought I was hot stuff, and if you saw me now, you might shudder.

Driving hit me like a ton of cheeseburgers, because drivethroughs were accessable to me all of the sudden! Bad move! Working in the food industry also hit me hard. By high school graduation I was up to a size 12.

College was... college; beer, grilled cheese, ice cream, pizza- basically the most unhealthy diet you can have. Meet the size 16 me.

Married life- settled, comfortable, and now a size 18-20 that can't find a pair of gap jeans to fit me. So it's time to move forward. This is it.

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