Saturday, July 11, 2009

Day 1 Recap

I'm only going to do weigh ins once a week, but I thought I would update you on how I feel after day 1.

I started off feeling antsy but that mellowed out come lunch time. I felt really energized throughout the day, up until about 11:00 at night when I finally calmed a bit.

So what was the day like?
6:15a- Wakeup
6:45a- Took Healthy Trim #1
7-11a- 8oz water an hour
9a-A small bag of peanut (not because I felt hungry but because I knew I needed to eat!)
11:30a- took Healthy Trim #2 for the day
12p- Lunch of grilled chicken and small spinach pasta side (boxed most of it up for left overs) also had 3 glasses of water with lunch
1-4p- Not as much water as they suggest, but working on it for today!
7- Dinner: Girls Night!!! Salad bar at Ruby Tuesdays, low fat dressing on spinach salad. I used to be ble to go up for seconds and thirds! I didn't even finish the first plate! I also had 4 glasses of water (Poor Waitress!)

We then went to see The Proposal. It was great!!!

I'll let you know how today goes!

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