Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Confident for Weigh in!

So I'm really getting excited for this week's weigh in. I think I'm going to be under 220 which I haven't been in over a year! Thanks to Healthy Trim for taking away my appetite!

I've been eating a lot more salads. When I was in High School (My all time dream weight) I would eat salads every day for lunch, and that was it. So I'm going to try to go back to that. We'll see how it goes!

2 Healthy Trim Capsules in the AM

Yesterday I had quite the variety for lunch:
-Yogurt (only half the container, I couldn't finish the rest)
-Cucumber and Tomato Salad
-A Healthy Recipe Pasta

1 Healthy Trim Capusle at 12 noon

For dinner:
-2 BBQ Wings (I used to eat a dozen, so this was quite the step for me)
-A cobb salad with mushrooms, tomatoes, a little ranch, chicken -very yummy!

Overall Calories: Lunch-450, Dinner 650 Total=1100
Times I "felt" hungry- 1, at around 5:30pm so I had a peach!


  1. hi,
    so i'm getting my healthy trim tomorrow and i was just wondering.. how am i supposed to know if i should take just one or 2 pills in the am? what worked best for you?

    thank you<3

  2. My first month I was taking 1 Healthy Trim in the AM and 1 at lunch. This month I'm taking 2 in the am and 1 at lunch time. I have a weigh in on friday and will be willing to share my results as to which is better- I do like taking the 2, it is a much more "full" feeling and easier to make it longer.

    I'll be sure to let you know!