Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Daily Update

Yesterday was a busy day with flying, driving, and very little eating, so for dinner I had some grapes, a salad (salsa ranch...mmm) and a cucumber and tomato salad with champagne vinegrette!

I really love ranch dressing. I used to put it on EVERYTHING! Salad, pizza, pasta, veggies, chips, everything! I never realized how many calories it has. One little pack can have over 200! So I saw a recipe online for Salsa Ranch. By mixing salsa with my ranch in a 2:1 ratio (make sure it's natural, sugar free) It cuts a lot of the calories out and increases the fiber that you're getting. I loved this idea and will be using it on salads for lunch. I think I've got a new Food 2 Love post coming up!

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