Thursday, September 17, 2009

Feedback Needed:

How are you guys doing?

(I'm still on a high from last night:) !)


  1. I have set my "weigh in" day to be Monday mornings as that is when I started this journey. I did happen to sneak onto the scale this am and was down 1.7 but I know that number will change come Monday for the "official" weigh in (hopefully more lost). What has your work outs consisted of? Meals? etc.

  2. Hi! Thanks for the feedback- I wish you the BEST of luck with this diet. I truly hope that it works for you!

    For workouts, I often try to sneak in lunges and squats when I'm walking around the house. I go to the gym when I can. I always take the stairs (even at the malls!)

    For meals, I have really tried to be as healthy as possible and stay "low calorie" but I let myself cheat 2-3 times a week (1/7 meals) I know I could lose weight faster, but I would not enjoy the diet to the point where I wouldn't want to do it anymore! So here I am, losing slowly, but not being miserable! Thanks Healthy Trim!