Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend Update

Well, it was quite the busy weekend for me. I did manage to keep my eating on the healthy side-even with the tempting burgers, and all that craziness!

Friday night was pretty relaxing. I was able to come home, grill up some pork chops, sit back and relax. I'm doing more with fresh apples now instead of applesauce. And instead of just doing a starch (like we usually did) I'm just doing veggies!

Saturday was a busy day. I had a football game to watch (didn't have beer- which was tough with all the peer pressure) While watching the game we had queso dip... very difficult to avoid-but I ate it in moderation! Then I had a buffalo chicken salad- managed to stay on the healthier side. I also had a wedding rehearsal, and wasn't very hungry afterwards- I just had a yogurt:)

Sunday was a good day as well, a bagel with light veggie cream cheese after church (and cucumbers) and then I didn't eat again until after the wedding (about 9pm- later than I usually like to eat) and had some roasted chicken.

Monday was a lazy sleep all day kind of day! LOVED IT! I ate pretty healthy with just a yogurt, 1/2 a turkey sandwich, lemon chicken, and a little bit of rice pilaf. I also have a new dessert to share for F2L this week... only 150 calories and soooo delicious!

How did everyone else do this weekend?

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