Thursday, September 17, 2009

F2L: Betty Crocker Warm Delight Minis

I've fallen in love with Betty Crocker Warm Delight Minis. They're 150 calories, and it's delicious!

I've tried the molten chocolate cake, and it is one of my new favorites! They pack the mix and the filling in the bowl. You add a tiny bit of water, microwave and you've got a "warm delight!"

Try it!


  1. Hey! Love reading about your progress, wanted to share something that I've been relying on big time.. 100 calorie packs! It's enough of a snack to make me not hungry, and at 100 calories, easy to count of course, but not enough to make me guilty about snacking. Plus they have sweet ones, in case you're having a sugar moment. ;) Plus, I'm on the go a LOT... This week I've been able to cook at home one time, so these are kinda keeping me out of fast food places, thank goodness.

  2. Thanks! I apprecite the feedback!

    I too love 100 calorie packs- I think the fudge stripe cookies are my all time favoite! They even have twinkies and strawberry cakes too!

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for following.