Monday, September 14, 2009

Weigh in Results for Week 6

Start: 238
Last Week: 217
This week: 214
Total Loss: 24 LBS!

I am still enjoying the foods I love. I'm feeling great- just eating less! I'm so happy with the results of the Healthy Trim thus far! Thanks everyone for following!

How are YOU doing?!


  1. Thats awesome! How many sizes have you gone down? I'm sure by now after losing 24 pounds you've got saggy clothes :)

  2. Funny you should ask. Today I was complaining to a co-worked because I have to go out and buy a new pair of pants! I don't want to buy the next size down because that's a waste if it's only good for another month (what I'm hoping for) But why in the world am I complaining about a smaller size!!! These pants used to be TIGHT and now I can slip them on and off without undoing the button- a good thing right? I was super pumed about all of this!