Saturday, August 29, 2009

Daily Diet

Well- I'm visiting family this weekend, so this always makes it tough. Today I woke up and my WONDERFUL mother in law had cooked breakfast, eggs, bacon, crumb cake... all delicious and oh so tempting! So here's what I did:

-An eggs worth of scrambled eggs
-One strip of bacon (SO TEMPTING)
-A handful of Grapes
-A few pieces of grapefruit (Just found this bulk container- might have to add this to my food to love section!)
-and 1/4 cup of coffee (because my mother in law got me my favorite flavor creamer, just for me, couldn't turn it down)
-SMALL piece of steak

It seems like alot when I type it out- I'll have to pass on even more tomorrow! How did everyone else do today?

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