Friday, August 28, 2009

Question from Reader:

Q: I would like to know what is in it exactly because sometimes even natural ingredients mixed with certain prescription meds can be dangerous--and I am on a few maintenance meds. Would you mind posting the ingredients?

A: Great Question! Thanks for asking! I am not a health care professional, so I can't tell you how Healthy Trim will react with your current meds, I did ask my doctor before starting (Because I'm on currently on a maintenance med) So thanks for asking!

Here's what's coming straight from the bottle: All Pharmaceutical Grade
Green Tea Leaf Extract (standardized for epigallocateching gallate), Hoodia Gordonii Stem, Caralluma Gibriata Stem extract, (Amylum, Coix, seed, Poria Cocus, Cassia seed, Lotus leaf, water plantain rhizome, cumquat, mulerry leaf, methionine), garcinia cambogia fruit extract (standardized for (-) hydroxycitricacid), Gymnema Sylvestre Leaf extract (standardized for 50% resveratrol) (polygonum cuspidatum) (fruit), Eleutherococcus Senticocus root, L-theanine, Pyruvate Bioperine, (standartized for black pepper extract) (piper longum) (fruit), Banaba leaf extract (stanndardized for corosolic acid), 72 Trace minerals

Hope this helps!


  1. I am a new reader, just discovered your blog! I just ordered my bottle of healty trim yesterday so i'm anxious to start and happy to see you have had results. I am already counting calories and working out but barely losing any in the last month. I'm hoping this can help. I have about 60 pounds to lose.

  2. Hi Michelle!

    Thanks for finding the blog, I hope it can help you reach your goal!

    You should get the bottle in no time! I order mine one day and it's usually here the next day, if not the following, which is great! (I'm a procrastinator)

    What tools are you using to count calories? Is it mentally or do you write it down? What kind of exercise do you do?

    Have you set a short term goal? I suggest trying for 15 in the first month, then gradually losing the rest from there. 15 is a totally do-able amount and it's so much better to feel like you accomplished a goal after a month than to have to wait 4 months to see if you're on track! Set up a goal worksheet- Ooo a new post! I'll be sure to add something about setting goals!

    Welcome to the blog! Feel free to comment and add help wherever you can! We're all in this together:)

  3. I have a notebook that I carry around and just log all my food in there. If I don't know the calories then I'll look at Calorie King. I have been trying to stay about 1300-1500 a day. I have been doing cardio at the gym for 30-45 minutes 4-5 days a week. Its usually elliptical and some stairmaster. I have lost weight before, my highest was 250 and my lowest was 150. I would eat really few calories (1000) per day so I think that contributed to the weight coming back on so quickly. I want to make sure to eat enough still but I want to stop feeling like i'm starving and have to have that candy bar! I agree I need to set a short term goal. If I lost 10 in a month I would be ecstatic. I will be sure to check in and I'm thinking about even starting a blog of my own, we'll see.

  4. That's an awesome idea to carry a notebook. That might help me keep better track- right now I'm just running a mental tally.

    Congrats on the working out- that's awesome! Keep us updated on your first month's goal!