Thursday, August 6, 2009


Boy oh Boy! It was quite the interesting day! Normal lunch and such, but I went to an event tasting at a Tapas Restaurant, and was able to really enjoy a little bit of everything without over eating! I wasn't hungry, so I just ate for taste and to enjoy the food, great experience all around!

We had a little bit of calamari (with a spicy Asian mustard sauce), Flank steak with an arugula salad, a fresh mozzarella flatbread, hummus, crab and avacado salad, and a cheese plate. All were very yummy. I even had a little bit of dessert. I wish I could have had more, but luckily, the Healthy Trim made me feel JUST full enough to not take a few last bites!

What's on the plan for today: THE GYM. I'm starting to include that into the schedule. Yes, I'm losing the weight- but I want to make sure there's muscle under there!

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