Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Food to LOVE...while you're on a diet

Healthy Trim has afforded me the opportunity to make smarter decisions with what I eat. Lunckily, thanks to Healthy Trim, I've been able to lose weight thus far, and continue to do so.

So on this week's edition of F2L, I'm sharing one of my all time favorites: Yogurt.

Reasons it's good for you:
1. Calcium: Surprisingly, you get more from yogurt than you would from a glass of milk. Ladies, this is especially important for us in the earlier years- preventing osteoperosis! Woo Hoo-
2. Potassium: I can't stand bananas, so this is a great way to keep the muscle aches away!
3. Protein: It's got just as much as scrambled eggs, but without the cholesterol
4. Bacteria: Helps with digestion and keeps things "regular" if you will.

Ways to make it yummy:
1. Add fresh fruit: I love adding peach chunks, strawberries, and at times put a little on an apple.
2. Granola: I personally don't like rasins, but you can get granola with almost any type of nuts and with or without rasins, add a fews tbs and you've got a crunchy snack.
3. Nuts: I like adding grape nuts, but I know plenty of people that also include almonds and more.

So I've got quite the sweet tooth, and usually crave something sweet after dinner. Not so much now that I'm taking the Healthy Trim, but some none the less. So I reach for a yogurt, 100calories and just enough to make me happy. There are a few fun flavors out right now and they're my new favorites: Pineapple Upside Down Cake, Orange Creamsicle, Keylime Pie, Chocolate Mouse, and more! I also love the Whipped variety that Yoplait has!

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