Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Food to LOVE!

Ok, so everyone knows: Cravings are real, especially for women during that time of the month! No amount of Healthy Trim will overcome estrogen! So I make my body happy, while sticking to a low cal diet!

My current Craving Crusher: 100 Calorie Klondike Bars! They are SO yummy! One is totally enough, and they even have a toffee cruch! They're so great that I even catch my husband snackinig on them!

Try them out!


  1. I have been following your blog. How is it going now. You have not posted in a week and wondering! I ordered mine this past week and should be in the mail! Thanks for taking the time to Blog this! Eric

  2. Hello, I just started Healthy trim today. I was looking for someone to post there results. I am 190 today and I won't to see what will happen in a weeks time. Please keep posting I enjoy your blog.

  3. Love your blog keep postin :)