Monday, August 31, 2009

Such A great (and healthy) weekend

I'm so excited to be back after an amazing weekend visiting great family and friends. I had a christening and I was the God Mother :) Sooo of course there was TONS of food- but I'm proud to say that I did a great job of avoiding the unhealthy stuff! I stuck with the mayo-less salads, and went for the vinegar based cucumber and greenbean salad! I also had only 1/2 a cookie during the party and 1/2 a sausage from the sausage and peppers. I was so proud. So far today, I've had a hardroll with a little butter on it- not my first chioce, but there wasn't much else at the airport, unfortunately.

I think when I travel from now on, I'm going to pack food- it was tough to find healthy things at the airport. Although, the Wendy's salad was pretty good (didn't even finish all of it!) PS- I Really really wanted a frosty, and said that if I was still hungry after the salad, I would go back and get it. Thankfully, the Healthy Trim kept me full enough to where I didn't crave it! Thanks Healthy Trim! So many fewer desserts and bad food because of you!


  1. Wow great job this weekend! It is hard to turn down food like that. But having people notice your weight loss is such great motiviation, congrats! My healthy trim won't be here till Thursday.

  2. I'm glad that you've ordered Healthy Trim. I hope that you also have good results with the Healthy Trim! Be sure to keep us updated!

    I still can't beleive that I had the will power to turn down the cheeseburgers- they looked SO yummy. And I didn't even have my S&P on bread, I ate them as is- so saved some carbs there too. It was honestly that I wasn't hungry at all. I ate because I knew I needed something, but I wasn't hungry:)

    I'm relly excited this far about how everything is going. The motivation at the beginning was strong on my own, and has gotten even stronger as other people notice (A few commented while I was home and that made me feel GREAT)