Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh No! Where did I go?

Sorry everyone- I wasn't sure if there was anyone out there following my blog! But YES, I am still here:)

To give you an update- last week was pretty emotional for me. I have two close friends getting divorced, and it hit me very hard- I stopped eating healthier, and felt sick! I was still taking Healthy Trim, but when you over eat on it, you feel even worse than you normally would. Make sure you're being smart when you're taking it!

On the gym note: I've been going more- it feels great to get that energy out! I mix the cardio and the weight training, and it feels good, and makes me feel good about myself:)

If you're looking for a weight update: I'm ashamed to say I'm only down to 121. It's unfortunate that I couldn't lose more, but the emotion of last week really hit me hard!

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